Here are some facilities we offer to ensure your stay with us is serene and memorable.

  • CONFERENCE HALL: Do you need to conduct business meetings or need a space that could accommodate up to 350 people, our conference hall is designed to meet that need.
  • EVENT CENTRE: Our event centre is suitable for up to 2,000 people making it suitable for all events be it weddings (Owambe style), comedy and nights shows.
  • ONSITE WIFI: Our free onsite wifi makes it easy to stay connected to business and family.
  • GYM: our gym is fully equipped to meet your health goals, be it losing some weight or becoming fit, rest assured our gym equipment will meet your individual gym goals
  • BAR: We have multi-functional bar from rooftop bar which offers a range of cocktails, wines and spirits nicely located by our Rooftop swimming pool. We also have a Karaoke bar that offers both local and international beers and larger suitable for your taste bud.
  • CLUB HOUSE: Our club house is tailored to meet the weekend relaxation you desire and operating at our highest standard whist ensuring our lodgers are kept undisturbed.
  • RESTAURANT: Our team of chefs who specialises in both Nigerian and continental cuisines are enough reason to give your taste bud a new experience.
  • CAR PARKING:  Are you considering experiencing our facilities but aren’t sure about our parking arrangements? don’t worry, you do not have to be a lodger to use our car park and it is free.
  • PETRO STATION: Our customers experience is important to us, so we thought you might need to top up your fuel before embarking on your individual journeys. so, our petro station offers Petro, Diesel, Gas and kerosene for your vehicle. However, during fuel scarcity, to appreciate our guests,  we go as far as ensuring  the impact of this scarcity does not affect them by prioritising our guest so you  do not have to go through the stress.
  • Car Parking

  • Service Room

  • Air Conditioner

  • Swimming Pool

  • An Elevator (Lift)

  • Salon

  • Digital TV

  • Luggage

  • Service Room

  • King Size Bed

  • 24/7 Security

  • Complimentary